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New stuff

Ma, Giovanni and John Mansfield (in revision). Managing expectations: Referential expectedness and uncertainty in a non-configurational language.

Mansfield, John (accepted). Morphology, in the Open Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science.

Mansfield, John and Charles Kemp (accepted). The emergence of grammatical structure from inter-predictability, in A Festschrift for Jane Simpson.

Mansfield, John, Henry Leslie-O’Neill and Haoyi Li (2023). Dialect differentiation and grammatical divergence, Language Dynamics and Change.

Mansfield, John, Rosey Billington and Hywel Stoakes (accepted). Vowel predictability and omission in Anindilyakwa. in Lori Repetti et al, eds., Epenthesis and beyond: Recent approaches to insertion in phonology and its interfaces. Language Sciences Press.

Herce, Borja, Carmen Saldana, John Mansfield & Balthasar Bickel, (2023). Naturalness is gradient in morphological paradigms: Evidence from positional splits, Glossa, 8.

Jepson, Kathleen, Rasmus Puggaard-Rode and John Mansfield (accepted). Stylised sustained prosody in three Australian languages, at SP2024 (Speech Prosody 2024).

Mansfield, John (manuscript). Preliminary notes on the Mum language, Papua New Guinea

Personal favourites

Mansfield, John (2021). The word as a unit of internal predictability. Linguistics, 59(6), 1427-1472.

Mansfield, John, Sabine Stoll and Balthasar Bickel. (2020). Category clustering: A probabilistic bias in the morphology of verbal argument marking. Language, 96(2), 255­–293.

Mansfield, John. (2019). Murrinhpatha morphology and phonology. Berlin: DeGruyter.

Mansfield, John (2019). Epistemic authority and sociolinguistic stance in an Australian Aboriginal language. Open Linguistics, 5(1), 25­–48.

Mansfield, John (2013). The social organisation of Wadeye’s heavy metal mobs, The Australian Journal of Anthropology 24(2): 148-165.

Also quite good

Mansfield, John (2023). Sociolinguistic variation in Australian languages, in Claire Bowern (ed), The Oxford guide to Australian Languages. Oxford University Press.

Mansfield, John (2023). The prosodic structure of Australian polysynthetic verbs, in Ksenia Bogmolets and Harry van der Hulst (eds), Word prominence in morphologically complex languages. Oxford University Press.

Rumsey, Alan, John Mansfield and Nicholas Evans (2023). The sound of one quotation mark: Quoted speech in Indigenous Australian narrative, in Aikhenvald et al, eds. Celebrating Indigenous voice. De Gruyter.

Mansfield, John (2022). Aboriginal linguistic exchange in an Australian city. International Journal of the Sociology of Language.

Mansfield, John, Carmen Saldana, Peter Hurst, Rachel Nordlinger, Peter Hurst, Sabine Stoll, Balthasar Bickel and Andrew Perfors (2022). Category clustering and morphological learning. Cognitive Science, 46(2), e13107.

Billington, Rosey, John Mansfield and Hywel Stoakes (2022). Acoustic and durational characteristics of Anindilyakwa vowels. The 18th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology.

Mansfield, John and Danielle Barth (2021). Clause chaining and the utterance phrase: Syntax–prosody mapping in Matukar Panau. Open Linguistics, 7(1), 423-447.

Mansfield, John and Ian Green (2021). Fricative contrasts and neutralization in Marri Tjevin. Australian Journal of Linguistics, 41(2), 220-261.

Wilmoth, Sasha and John Mansfield (2021). Inflectional predictability and prosodic morphology in Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara. Morphology, 31(4), 355-381.

Nordlinger, Rachel and John Mansfield (2021). Positional dependency in Murrinhpatha: Expanding the typology of non-canonical morphotactics. Linguistics Vanguard, 7(1).

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Mansfield, John (2016). Borrowed verbs and the expansion of light verb phrases in Murrinhpatha, in Felicity Meakins and Carmel O’Shannessy (eds), Loss and renewal: Australian languages since Colonization. Berlin: DeGruyter, 397-424.

Mansfield, John (2016). Intersecting formatives and inflectional predictability: How do speakers and learners predict the correct form of Murrinhpatha verbs? Word structure, 9(2): 183–214.

Mansfield, John (2015). Consonant lenition as a sociophonetic variable in Murrinh Patha. Language Variation and Change, 27(2): 203–225.

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Mansfield, John (2015) Loan phonology in Murrinhpatha, in Mark Harvey and Alexis Antonia (eds). The 45th Australian Linguistic Society Conference Proceedings. Newcastle: NOVA Open Access Repository, 153–172.

Mansfield, John (2014). Listening to Heavy Metal in Wadeye, in Amanda Harris, (ed.). Circulating Cultures: Exchanges of Australian Indigenous Music, Dance and Media. Canberra: ANU Press, 239-264.

Abralin Ao Vivo

Mansfield, John (2021). Determinants of linear order in morphology and syntax. (YouTube presentation: 42mins)


Mansfield, John (2014). Polysynthetic sociolinguistics: The language and culture of Murrinh Patha youth. Australian National University.

Studies including my fieldwork data

Barth, Danielle, Nicholas Evans, I. Wayan Arka, Henrik Bergqvist, Diana Forker, Sonja Gipper, Gabrielle Hodge, John Mansfield et al. (2021). Language vs individuals in cross-linguistic corpus typology. In Doing Corpus-Based Typology with Spoken Language Data: State of the Art, edited by Geoffrey Haig, Stefan Schnell, and Frank Seifart, 179–232. Manoa: Language Documentation & Conservation.

San, Nay, Martijn Bartelds, Mitchell Browne, Lily Clifford, Fiona Gibson, John Mansfield, David Nash, et al. (2021) Leveraging Pre-Trained Representations to Improve Access to Untranscribed Speech from Endangered Languages. Automated Speech Recognition and Understanding. Cartagena.

McCarthy, Arya D., Christo Kirov, Matteo Grella, Amrit Nidhi, Patrick Xia, Kyle Gorman, Ekaterina Vylomova, John Mansfield et al. (2020) UniMorph 3.0: Universal Morphology, Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 3922–31.